Workshop Poster for Download and Distribution

This summer, the WY INBRE Data Science Core is hosting a bioinformatics train-the-trainer course for undergraduate educators July 9-16, 2022. The course will be held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY and is open to educators from WY and all members of the RAIN network.

This course will provide training in data science and laboratory skills to effectively integrate data science into teaching curricula, and help their students prepare for the modern workplace across the sciences. Topics covered will include:

  • Field sampling
  • DNA extraction and sequencing
  • BASH command line skills
  • Processing of both Illumina and Ofxord Nanopore Technology (ONT, MinION) sequence data
  • Genome assembly and annotation
  • Microbiome analysis

Participants will generate new genomic data and use standard bioinformatics tools in a high-performance computing environment to process both Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT, MinION) sequence data.

This project is a collaborative adaptation of a program that New Hampshire INBRE staff have offered since 2018.

Apply here by May 18, 2022. The course is capped at 25 participants.

The course is free for participants and lunches will be catered, but all remaining travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of participants. We will reserve a block of rooms, further details to come. Laramie is home to a regional airport 10 minutes from the University of Wyoming, and there are also shuttle options from Denver International airport. Please feel free to contact us at with travel or lodging inquiries.