Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Experimental design for nextgen sequencing projects
  • File Manipulation and Data Parsing
  • Ecological, Population and Conservation Genetics/Genomics Analysis
  • Sequence Alignment and Phylogenetic Reconstruction
  • RADseq, GBS, RNAseq Technologies to facilitate Genome Assembly, Genome Scans for Genetic Variation, Functional and Structure Annotation, Gene Family Evolution and Network Analysis
  • We can train you on Read QC, Demultiplexing, Quality Trimming and Performing Error Correction on Illumina and PacBio data sets.


Core contributions to the Wyoming research community fall in three major categories:

1. Collaboration

Use our knowledge of informatics tools to aid in experimental design and data generation

2. Training

Train investigators in the acquisition and usage of informatics tools and interacting with the Teton HPC cluster

3. Support

Develop novel workflows for the analysis of ecological and evolutionary data

Fee Schedule

Currently there are no monetary costs associated with our input; however, Wyoming INBRE does require acknowledgements in any resulting presentation and papers. Further, depending on the amount of workload, collaboration and intellectual contribution to a given project, a co-authorship may be required for Core personnel. Co-authorship will be discussed on a case by case basis.