Nicolas A. Blouin

Core Director
Evolution of reproductive strategies in red alga and adaptation to survival in extreme environments.

Vikram E. Chhatre

Sr. Research Scientist.
Forest tree population genomics. Development of computational tools. IDSC website development & maintenance.

Braveen B. Joseph

Postdoctoral Associate.
C. elegans genetics and confocal imaging

Sean Harrington

Research Scientist.
Snake population genomics & phylogenetics. Research support and curriculum development.

IDSC Affiliates & Alumni

Ken Gerow

Affiliate Biostatistician
(August 2021 - Current)
Professor of Statistics & Mathematics.
Statistical tools that enable the biological and science stories to shine through the analytic details.

Naomi L. Ward

Core Director (2015-2020)
Professor & Head
Dept. of Botany.
Human gut microbiome analysis within the context of Hirschsprung disease.