IBC’s summer program - 2020 Summer of Code attracted data science enthusiasts from Wyoming institutions and beyond. Our main participants were community college faculty, graduate students and research undergraduates. IBC’s Vikram Chhatre led the program with help from Samuel Fay who is an undergraduate summer/fall intern with the Core.

Among the highlights of the program were three guest appearances by profesional data scientists from academia and industry alike. The three guests who happen to be early career female data scientists conducted mini-workshops and talked about their career path and offered advice on multiple front for our participants.

  • Ciera Martinez, Lead Scientist, Berkeley Institute for Data Science
  • Sofia Robb, Genomics Scientist, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  • Maya Gans, Statistical Analyst, Citel Inc.

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To learn more about our summer program, please head over to 2020 Summer of Code